Welcome Message from Organizing Committee Chairperson


Dear fellow digital health researchers and innovators,


I am very honoured to invite you to our second, annual International Symposium on Digital Health: 23, 24 and 25th of June 2020 in the Netherlands.


During this three-day event the most talented, the brightest minds and top-level scientists, policy- and decision-makers in healthcare will come together to connect, share knowledge, gather new insights, debate with and learn from each other. All attendees will benefit from global insights that help them develop innovative, effective and sustainable health and care.


We believe that in the healthcare of the future digital health will be fully embedded within regular healthcare. As an International Society, we strive to develop blended, patient-centred care, affordable and available for everybody all over the world.


​As Organizing Committee Chairperson, and on behalf of all the members of the International Society on Digital Health, I hope we will welcome you to our second International Symposium.

Welcome Message from Society Chairperson 

Prof. Kelvin Tsoi

Associate Professor

JC School of Public Health and Primary Care

JC Institute of Ageing

SH Big Data Decision Analytics Research Centre

Faculty of Medicine

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

President of the International Society for Digital Health (2019-2021)

Assistant Editor (Digital Health) in BMJ Innovations

Minitrack Chair for Big Data on Healthcare Application in HICSS 2020

Dear Friends,


On behalf of the Executive Committee of the International Society for Digital Health, we warmly welcome all delegates to join the International Symposium on Digital Health 2020 (ISDH2020). It is our honor to join with the National eHealth Living Lab in cooperation with the International Society for Digital Health to hold the symposium in Netherlands this year. 



After the ISDH2019 held in Hong Kong in June, a group of academic professionals from four continents formed the International Society for Digital Health. Having this group of academic experts with brilliant minds and diverse experiences supporting the Organizing and Scientific Committee, we are sure that the ISDH2020 will be an exciting event for all participants.



Digital Health is a multidisciplinary field in which both healthcare and engineer experts contribute their expertise. ISDH2020 brings together renowned experts from many different countries, we provide a three-day scientific programme covering key research topics that will provide an excellent opportunity for participants to keep abreast of the rapid advances in Digital Health. 



It is my pleasure inviting you to join us for a constructive and fruitful symposium. I look forward to seeing you in the Netherlands in 2020.

4/F, School of Public Health Building,

Prince of Wales Hospital, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong 

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